Nepal’s Latest Covid-19 protocol update| No quarantine for 7 days | Oct 10
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Nepal’s Latest Covid-19 protocol update| No quarantine

Posted in 11th Oct, 2020

We are very happy to let all the international travelers know that finally with constant pressure from travel companies and many different sectors the Government of Nepal has finally agreed to remove the 7 Days quarantine in Nepal.

Earlier the Covid-19 protocol stated that any international travelers must get a 72 hours fresh PCR test before departing from home and even after the arrival to Nepal one must stay in quarantine for a week.

He/She had to get a next PCR test on the 5th day and only after the negative report could start their travel or else should be quarantined in a hotel unless its recovery.

With the meeting held on Oct 10th|2020 at the Prime Minister’s residence with the council ministers, the proposal presented by the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation to allow foreigners to travel in Nepal with 72 hours PCR negative report from their home country and end the 7 days quarantine was approved.

The meeting has also concluded that the Covid-19 insurance for any travelers should of USD $ 5000 which was earlier USD $10000. Earlier the VISA should be either applied from your home town though Nepal Immigration or else work with a Travel agency here in Nepal and get the required documents to get the VISA on arrival. But with the meetings held yesterday, it has also been decided that you will get VISA on arrival.

On arrival, you will also be given an antigen test or instant PCR test for reconfirmation immediately.

The decision made by the Government of Nepal could potentially welcome many foreign travelers but, it is a great challenge for travelers themselves to stay very safe and also for us (travel companies) to keep you safe and let you fly off back home healthy and happy.

We Sherpa Himalaya team are glad that we have been working with creating and maintaining proper protocols for Traveler’ safety as well as ours.

We have stated our works during the lockdown in the previous blog on how we have been collaborating with transport services, hotels, and our working staff.

Now the world has learned the problems are always with us. It is how we tackle it. Locking down the country will never be a good option. In the context of Nepal, with the decision of Lockdown, it is sure to kill many people due to daily living, hunger, and mental problems. Hence the only best option is to prepare ourselves and keep our self safe from getting infected.

For travelers, it has been more challenging to find the right travel company for Nepal. With thousands of companies online with varieties of rates for a single package.

Traveling abroad is always a costly thing you must go through to get a beautiful experience. Cost is definitely a thing to matter. Keeping the cost and quality service in mind it is very necessary to find a travel company that has the ability to keep you safe in Nepal.

Here is an infographic how we can be your Travel Company for Nepal.