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Trekking FAQs

In your short Trek in Nepal, Trekking Guide can be taken as compulsory. Your Trek Can be more productive, memorable and informative if you hire one. You will get information about every simple things that you encounter in the way. You will get knowledge and information about all the villages and mountains too. If you are familiar and know a lot about Nepal and have good past experience then you can Trek alone. Having a Trekking guide can be your best decision! As they will be always with you and its sure you will be more safe and can come very helpful in case if emergency situation arises.

Spring and Autumn are taken as best season for trekking in Nepal. But visiting Nepal is by your will and what time your vacation creates time to visit here. Trekking in lower region can be done any time of the year. But if you wish to go to higher altitude then it is suitable during September to November  and from March till May.

The remaining six month are also good but, you may face rainfalls during June-August and can be quite cold with snow falls during December-February.

Trekking in Nepal is the most adventurous Trek. Trekking in Nepal can be at various places; some very near to the sea level whereas some at the top of the world. Trekking in Nepal varies in different Level. Its goes from easy, medium and difficult Trek. Normally, while Trekking in Nepal it covers (3000-8848) meters. Expedition and peak climbing are taken as difficult level where as Trekking only can be moderate and easy level.

Trekking in Nepal is all about your will and time, It really doesn’t matter much how sick or how old are you. You can Trek to the place you wish by prolonging the Itinerary and quality service if you are weak or old enough. Trekking in Nepal can be done by almost all normal people but Peak climbing and Expedition are difficult so for it; It is better if you are healthy enough. You can choose the Trekking itinerary and its difficulties. If you have proper health condition then you will be able to  Trek in Every region of Nepal if you are with an experienced guide.

We provide special facility for children, old aged and sick guest.  

Trekking in higher altitudes of Nepal can be challenging too! You can suffer from Altitude sickness if you are Trekking above 3500 m elevation. But, some precautions can be taken to stay safe and away from altitude sickness. Besides, if you get affected by altitude sickness then we can go through medication, increase acclimatization day and so on. Trek will be cancel only if your health don’t show improvements. You will be taken to hospital or to lover altitude as soon as possible.

We have all experienced and licensed guide and they are given proper knowledge about emergency cases and first aid information. We are also equipped with emergency medical first aid. If very emergency case arises then we will do the initial payment for all rescue operations and medical payments and later it will be recovered through your insurance.

Yes our all guides, Sherpa’s, cook, Porters all are insured and their insurance cover up to USD. $5000

Your extra money depends upon the destination too. If you are doing Peaks and Expedition then you will need some more amount and if you are on  a Trek only then relatively less and also if Your Trek is of longer days then you can bring little more. You will need to Pay only for extra shopping, alcohols, hots shower, cold drinks, laundry, wi-fi, battery charge and if you decide to take extra help on the way such as horse, vehicles apart from itinerary or plan. We recommend to bring 25$-30$ US dollar per day. You can only exchange your currency in many small cities but exchanging in Kathmandu is recommended highly.

Booking your Trek before 1-2 months is very good. You can come here then visit our office and book before one two days but; everything will not be planned from earlier so its better you do before. However, for Trekking in Nepal and in Everest region we should do pre-booking so Early booking is the best for you.

For Trekking in Nepal you have to own mountain evacuation and medical  insurance for trekking up to 5500 m. Travel insurance is compulsory and it is better if you get insurance from your country through Travel insurance company. It will be relatively cheaper for you and more easy to recover from it.

Yes, Sherpa Himalaya staff member will pick you up from airport. We will  display our name card of Sherpa Himalaya with your name on pamphlet. and after finishing your Trip we will Drop you to airport. .


Trekking in Nepal is of two types. Tea house and camping. Tea house Trekking provides you with the facilities of hotel, lodges and menus for meals etc. Tea house Trekking is more easier and  comfortable as we don’t need to worry much about the cook and kitchen stuff. Beside that, Camping in Nepal is also equally famous. In camping Trek our destination will be almost fix at certain place where we will camp and set up our things for convenient, We will have meals at Camp at spent night in the Tent. Camping Trekking requires more number of staff and it is comparatively more difficult than Tea house. Camping Trek is far more expensive than Tea house Trek. Earlier, Trekking in Nepal started with Camping trekking but, these days due to modernization and proper quality of hotels and to minimize the cost people prefer Tea house trek more often.

About payment Term You should Pay 20% advance of your total price. Inorder to make confirm for your reservation and the remaining payment can be done when you arrive to Nepal.

While Trekking in Nepal, Food is the one we really do care about as it also plays vital role to complete your trip. If you go by Tea house Trekking the all meals are prepared in hotels with good hygiene. Food while Trek will be prepared so that you not get in trouble with new taste in the mountains. If you do a camping trek then there will be more varieties of food and all the food stuffs are carried from the capital. Due to lack of high power electricity and proper refrigerators you will be served more vegetarian food. You will be served hot water in hotels which is good for your health and much safer too.

Safety is the most important thing when it comes to traveling in others county. Since the signed treaty of Nepal Peace Agreement, between the Government of Nepal and the Nepal Communist Party (Maoists) has  brought peace in the country. Since Nepal is a peace loving country and not much accident happen although there is political instability It is very safe to travel here.

Besides,Trekking Agent Association of Nepal (TAAN) and Nepal Tourism Board are always working for the safety of tourist and  created better place to travel.

Trekking in Nepal and its route has caught much more modernization than before and in most of the popular routes you can get access to WI-FI connection and proper cell towers are also available which can easily let you be in contact with your family members all way if you want.

We will provide you a porter. He will be helping you to carry most of your stuff. You can leave extra luggage and clothes in hotel of Kathmandu. You will have to carry a small day-sack, sun-cream, first aid kit. water proofs, warm hat,  fleece jacket,  water bottle (or camel back system),  sunhat,  and water purification kit.

Tips are not  made compulsory, but it is expected by porters, Sherpa, cook, guide. It is a best and nice way to give thank to one who played an important role to make  your Trip successful. We suggest to tip 10-20% of total trip cost but it is not compulsion and it is according to your wish. This amount must be given in Nepalese rupee. Tip is the only thing that makes staff realize that they have got the fruit for what the worked so hard. Thank you!