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Camping Trekking

Camping Trekking in Nepal is conducted in the remote land of Nepal which is based in the classic style of trekking. It is best with teamwork which makes such memories with your family and friend. Here are such trails that are difficult to beat. By the good effort of teamwork, it makes easy to complete and beat such tracks. During the camping and trekking event, you will self answered: “Why Nepal is called Queen of Natural beauty ?”.  And also in camping trekking, you will get wilderness experience in both natural and cultural aspects. You will observe a remote mountain village and you can feel the unique culture and tradition. If you are dreaming of traveling in another world which is far from your living home is only one “NEPAL”.

While camping and trekking, you will visit beautiful villages. Here, they are living a quiet happy life with their distinctive culture and traditions. So that makes it very interesting & unique to observe for foreigners. While you are on camping trekking you will deserve excellent views, cultures lifestyles, costumes, philosophy. You can have fabulous pastime with the simple, polite, and enthusiastic porters, cooks, guides, Sherpa’s, and another team member.

During the period of trekking, our Sherpa Himalaya Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd members will take care of all the requirements. That is essential for you to reach your destination. Our support team will prepare food for you. Your activities are arranged by team crew and also emergency rescue and first aid according to schedule. A Sridhar (Sherpa guide) will pre-arrange and then oversee the entire program. All land transportation, local permits, taxes, porter insurance, port dues, hospitality, and entrance fees to National Parks or sites constituting an integral part of the trip are arranged.

Our team is wishing and requesting to you for taking part in our camping and trekking event. I believe that my organization and my team are here for you. I and my trekking team are in the hope that you will join our camping and trekking event. You will give a chance to serve you to make happiness and enjoyment while you are with us.

A typical day on the Camping trek in Nepal

Usually, our day typical day on the camping trek in Nepal starts around 6:30-7:00 am. Our supportive team will bring hot water and a team on your tent. Your breakfast will be laid on the table where you will have bread, jam, Muesli, Porridge, boiled egg, tea, or coffee depending on your choice. Before you have your breakfast you should pack up your bags and gears. So that the team can pack up the tents while you having breakfast. After breakfast, we will walk by watching the beautiful views and the village.

The porters and guides will walk with you while the support team will walk ahead. So that the support team can serve the group with delicious lunch when you will arrive after walking. Our launch will be laid at 11 o’clock.  After the lunch we will walk 1.30 hrs or 2 hrs then our last day trek will end. Our support staff will put up the tents and will start preparing dinner. When the support team will prepare food you can walk around the village with guiders.  Around 7:00 pm the dinner will be served and the day ends. In the evening we all the team and group will have fun singing and dancing.  After that, you can have sweet dreams in your tent.

Meals & Drinking water on a Camping Trekking

While camping and trekking our team are always focused on healthy and delicious food also clean drinking water. It is our duty to serve you healthy and delicious food also clean drinking water so that you will never suffer from the disease.  According to schedule you will have Breakfast, launch, day time breakfast, and meal.