Why Sherpa Himalaya for your Trekking & Climbing in Nepal -2024
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Why Sherpa Himalaya

We understand that thousands of questions run in mind while choosing a reliable agency especially when you are thinking of a vacation in a different country because hundreds of travel agencies are available for you to choose from. questions regarding differences in cost in comparison with other travel agencies, reliability, and experience of the agency in the related field, and stability of the agency are always prominent. Therefore, the following points make Sherpa Himalaya the agency to trust for your next vacation



As the world Know Sherpa people are taken as the Guardian of the Great Himalaya. For hundreds of years, they have been residing in the Himalayas and to date, they are the one who is believed by the world; the climbers who can help anyone to make the summit. We Sherpa Himalaya Form a total solid team of Sherpa residing in Himalaya and has been working in this field not just for their hobbies but because of their strong Passion towards Mountains and to make their livelihood possible


Well experienced guide:

We believe that guides play a vital role in making your journey memorable, comfortable, and convenient. Hence we appoint experienced and well-trained Sherpa guides for trekking and expedition in the mighty Himalayas. The Managing Director Mingma Chhiri Sherpa himself is born, raised, and involved in the mountaineering and trekking sector for 18 years dealing with clients from almost all across the globe. If you are looking for friendly guides with experience in using trekking and climbing gears, safety records, and good customer reviews then Sherpa Himalaya is the agency you should go for.



In this World of Competition, trying to be different from other challenging companies; Sherpa Himalaya mainly focuses on Guide and Service. We understand that it’s a Trip decision made by Years of the hardship of every traveler and can be once in a lifetime trip. Keeping this in mind we try our best to provide Quality of service throughout the trial. We make sure that all the traveler’s team are provided a Sherpa Guide who has been working in this field for years and has the potential to lead and make you closer to the Might Himalayas.


Tailor-made trekking:

We spend a good amount of time making arrangements for your tour in order to make it tailor-made. Your trekking itineraries are carefully formulated. likewise, we book lodges and hotels upon your confirmation of travel with Sherpa Himalaya so that you don’t have to compromise with Healthy Foods and lodging throughout your travel.


Clients Care

Sherpa Himalaya knows the importance of Travelers and believes their satisfaction as Achievements. Knowing the trails and their ruralness in the Himalayas. Sherpa Himalaya has been conducting first aid, Emergency Medication, and Safety Precaution training which will be very important in the Himalaya for the traveler’s safety.


Responsible Guide

Sherpa Himalaya Guides are given proper training and counsels to deal with clients and Being the workers in Himalaya; Sherpa Himalaya has taught travelers as a god and Himalaya as the residence of god. Which has brought a sense of respect to every client and conservation of Natural resources with keeping the environment healthy and clean.


Dedicate Team and Clients Respect

Each and every traveler, Information seekers including site visitors are supported by Sherpa Himalaya Customer support personnel from the Beginning of introduction and till your final departure from Nepal. Our Customer supports are always available although you travel in any remote area of Nepal.


Satisfied Team

Sherpa Himalaya believes that a Trip can be perfect only when all the team members from Porter, Guide and all the staff including clients are satisfied. Sherpa Himalaya respects all the staff and their hardship and provides the necessary rewards for their work which will definitely make staff satisfied and we believe that satisfied Staffs are the reason for quality service which will lead to a perfect once in a lifetime trip