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Trekking Region in Nepal

Before getting familiar to Trekking in Nepal you should know the outline Geography of Nepal. It is divided into three regions Horizontally. They are Terai Region, Hilly Region and Himalayan Region. Similarly, trails for Trekking in Nepal are mostly in Hilly region to Himalayan Region of Nepal. Hilly Region rises upto 4877m from 600-700m which covers 64% of total land of Nepal. Himalayan Regions ranges from 4877m and above containing high Hills, snows and huge mountains. Due to vast change in very less altitude difference; Nepal has been able to provide the nature and landscape with different culture and tradition that the traveler seeks for.

In addition, Among all these Region for Trekking in Nepal, Everest Region, Annapurna Region and Langtang Region are the most easily accessible from the capital and has good accommodation and hotel facilities. Trekking Region in Nepal are thus popularly divided into 8 Regions By our Travel Expert. Every Specific Region contains different trip Destinations with different trails in specific region that leads to breathtaking and adventurous Trek and Destination.