Shortest Trek in Langtang- Tamang Heritage Trek in 4 Days
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Shortest Trek in Langtang- Tamang Heritage

Posted in 28th May, 2020

Langtang region is one of the best destinations to make in Nepal if you do not want to travel too far or into the remote. Langtang region is one of the most close destination from the capital to see beautiful young mountains. Do you believe you can complete one of the best short treks in the Langtang Region known as Tamang Heritage can be completed with 4-5 Days?

Tamang Heritage is a destination in the Langtang region which has the highest elevation of (3165m). The Highest and the last point of this beautiful destination in Nakthali.

Nakthali has the height and the position that can provide your exploring eyes a wonderful view of Langtang Range Himalayas and also many mountains of Tibet. You can also witness many small villages of Tibet across the Nepal-Tibet border. Here in this region, lies the open border between China and Nepal which is known as Kerung Border.

In earlier days, it is said that the jungles and ridges where used by many Nepali and Tibetan to go across hiding from the border check post. The normal itinerary for this Trek with slow trek is 7-8 Days.

There is no specific short cut trail but only the difference in your overnight schedule. There is no any objection skipping the normal overnight stay could cause you altitude sickness of tiredness in any manner.

But, since this is a trek under 3000m there is very little chance of being caught by Altitude. Discriminating the Altitude, we make you clear that you will really need to Trek hard to finish these trek within a very little time period.

We do not recommend children below 16 and 50+ aged group this short time period trek. Alternatively, if you really want to explore this beautiful destination Tamang Heritage Trek then you can have service of Horse Riding throughout the trail.

There are certainly, some places that you will have to keep off the horse. We know, “if there is a will there is always a way.” Besides horse riding, you can have the chopper service too, but its gonna be a bit more costly. But, never a bad idea if you can.

Shortest Itinerary for this Trek:

Day 01: On the first day we will drive early morning to Chilime (2,200m).

Tamang Heritage Trek : Drive to Shaybru Besi

This day will be a quite long drive. We are sure that this drive will help you a lot about the geography of Nepal well. Our drive starts with the HIlly region (Kathmandu).

The road takes you through the hills and you will find down at very low altitude up to 600m. With again going through the curved roads that climb through the Hills will Take you up to 2200m same day.

Your lunch and afternoon snacks will be on the way. Taking a packed snack from Kathmandu can be a great decision until we reach our Overnight Camp.

Surely, you will find small hotels and restaurants along, but its always a better option to eat hygienically. Shyabru besi is the main center of the Langtang Region.

It is a small town where you will find good hotel facilities for overnight. You will also find there a natural hot spring that can be best to refresh yourself after completing this Terk while returning.

As we reach Shyabru Besi it will be 3-4 Pm and will head towards CHilime our overnight destination which is almost 2 hours more from there. The road gets more adventurous.

Tamang Heritage Trek: Chilime Village

Chilime is exactly behind the Shaybru to the north. You will reach Chilime by 4-5 Pm. After your reach, you can freshen up yourself and explore around. Chililme is a small village having a big Hydropower project running nearby. It is known as Chilime Hydro project.

Day 02: Trek from Chilime to Nakthali (3000m) 8-9 hours.

Tamang Heritage Trek : Nakthali (Langtang Himal View)

As said earlier even though this destination is listed in easy Trail trek, but since if you are interested to finish with very limited time then it’s sure to experience tough trekking x2 leaving normal Itinerary.

Today you will cross over a small bridge and Climb straight uphill. The starter climb will be around half an hour. Then your trails will be a slight slope with the following slight uphills.

Our trails will be through terraced farmed land also witnessing small villages. You will also come through local villagers dressed in Bakhu (Tibetan Dress).

Your Lunch will be at a place called Tatopani. Tatopani is a place named because there used to be a natural hot spring before the 2015 earthquake. The locals say that the hot spring stopped after the quake.

After a few more hours of Uphill Trek, you will reach Nakthali which at top of the hill. As you move from Tatopani you will find that the tree vegetation level gets decreased and only witness shrubs. These shrubs are also used as incense. Overnight at Nakthali.

Day 03: Rest Day in Nakthali- Hike to Nakthali View Point (3165m)

Tamang Heritage Trek: View of Tibet side Mountains

Today we will look around and explore early morning. Early morning because the weather the best in the morning with very few clouds. From Nakthali you will find Langtang Himal right in front of you.

Nakthali is a small village with very few hotels. The stay here will be a great experience to know about local people, their lifestyle and more. After you finish our breakfast you will be guided towards Nakthali Viewpoint.

Today’s Hike will be 1-2 hours long. Your hike will be through beautiful woods and a normal uphill climb. As you reach the viewpoint you will witness Paldor Peak, Jugal Himal, Sringi Himal, Langtang Lirung (7245M), and many others.

After spending beautiful time there at the viewpoint exploring and knowing the young mountains taking pictures we will head back to Nakthali for overnight stay. This is the final destination of Tamang Heritage Trek.

Day 04: Trek down to Shabru Besi 8-9 hours.

Tamang Heritage Trek: Shaybru Besi

Today will be a tough day. The Climb we made all long from Chilime to Nakthali was normal climbs with zig-zag trails which takes you from one end of the hill to another end with curve ends.

Today we will have to go steep downhill through the dense jungle and also very beautiful villages where the arts and architecture are well conserved. Your destination today is back to Shaybrubesu.

with continuous downhill Trek, you will meet the Kerung Highway and with a short walk following Kerung highway back you will arrive at Shaybrubesi at around 4 Pm if you start your Trek early morning.

As you arrive at Shaybru besi you can keep your belongings at Hotel and come out near the river to enjoy the natural hot spring and freshen up yourself.

Today is the end of your beautiful Tamang Heritage Trek. Today you will wave good night and thank every team member and have last day meal together. The following day we will head back to Kathmandu by drive.

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