No Transport in Khumbu Region, How people are Facing- COVID-19
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No Transport in Khumbu Region, How people are Facing- COVID-19

Posted in 21st May, 2020

Nepal is one of the famous destinations to the world that needs adventure and to feel lost in nature. Nepal has been always at the first to every traveler’s mind when it comes to the Mountains.

Knowing that Nepal is still an underdeveloped country and has a proper transportation facility only in the city. Have you wondered how people are living in the Mountain region where millions of people are employed in tourism sectors (hotels)?

Lukla Airport- the only gateway to Khumbu Region

Nepal has two main seasons which supports tourism and those are the time when 90% of travelers come for adventure. They are Spring and Autumn. Spring season starts from March-May and Autumn from September to November.

Nepal has always been the final limit of mountain climbers. Here lies 8 out of 14th 8000m+ mountains Lie here. It is also the land of Highest Mountain Mt.Everest 8848m.

Undoubtedly, these beautiful young mountains are climbed during the Spring season when the weather is calm, less windy, and no snowfalls. Therefore, almost all Mountain Expedition is run during the spring.

Spring season does not welcome only the climbers but also millions of Trekkers from all around the world. Spring season because the weather is normal and it obvious to explore the beautiful mountains with greenery and flowers.

Trekking Region in Nepal
Popular Trekking Region of Nepal

Leaving the Everest Region (Khumbu), all the regions have road facilities to reach those regions. It is true that the road condition is not as perfect as we imagine. They are always great adventure and guts needing task for anyone new.

Coming to our main topic, With no road facility that will connect you to Khumbu how the people are living there? The only easy transport facility is through the flight (plane). Due to the effect of COVID-19 the whole nation is locked. No domestic flights, not transportation allowance in the capital, and totally nothing beside extremely necessities.

Khumbu region being small, it has the capacity to provide employment to a number that can be count for change in the economy of the country. Nepal government announced the country will lock from March 17/2020. The starting season of Nepal. This year was also the Visit Nepal 2020 year.

Kathmandu during lockdown

Nepal was targeting to bring 20 million-plus tourists in Nepal. The COVID-19, lockdown, and cancelation of all Trekking and Climbing permits in Nepal by the government of Nepal all the travelers who reached to trails also had to return back to their country.

Since most of the famous destination falls in the Khumbu region, you will find many hotels every night to stop. This region is also one of the most crowded trails during peak seasons such as Spring and Autumn.

All the Hotel entrepreneurs working in these regions take the flight to Kathmandu during the winter season and make all of their necessary shopping. By the end of February month, the hotel entrepreneurs manage to ship all the necessities from vegetables, fruits, and everything to their place.

Hotels in Phakdhing (Khumbu Region)

Similarly, taking alternative routes with the help of Vehicle and carrying up to their location with the help of Mules and Yak. The season started, as usual, starting with small groups in the mountain. The luckiest ones made up to their destination. Without any prior notice the Government order to follow strict lockdown on 17th March night.

The travelers had to return back even they had just started the trail. Filling the same trail by thousands in earlier days is now empty, Khumbu regions have all the necessities and food storage that they will need the entire season. The match with lockdown and shipment of foods and other goods before lockdown it’s helping the Khumbu region, people.

Everest Base camp- Khumbu Region

Khumbu Region is one of the most expensive regions. Due to the lack of proper transport facilities, the cost touched the sky. Almost 50 % of the hotel run by the outer population on a rent basis. The rent is comparatively too high. A normal hotel can cost starting from a million (in NPR. / रू )

In conclusion, the people of the Khumbu region are safe and definitely not starving but, true that they are facing through great economical loss. We hope and pray that things will go normal soon and see Nepal progressing in the Tourism industry as in earlier days.