Covid-19 Travel Guidelines Nepal - June 24 Protocols for 2021
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Covid-19 Travel Guidelines Nepal – June 24

Posted in 24th Jun, 2021

Nepal has been facing strict lockdown restrictions from 2020. Into the field of the Tourism industry, the whole Spring season (March-May) was collapsed. Hundreds of Mountain Expedition, Trekking, and Tour groups were stopped and postponed for 2021.

Kathmandu city during lockdown

Almost after 5 months the government decided to run some international flights and started to lose the lockdown restriction. Till then the cases were very few compared with most of the South Asian countries.

In September 2021  the prince of Bahrain and his group visited Nepal to climb Mt. Lobuche 6145m and Mt. Manaslu as a trial climb before attempting the world’s Highest Mountain Mt. Everest 8848.86m. Their safe and successful climb flourished positive news all over the world as the Himalayas are safe.

As the 2021 Spring started Trekking and Mountain Expedition groups started to flourish. The lockdown was almost over and the livelihood of people was coming back to normal after being crashed by the pandemic.

From the last week of March as similar to the previous year, Nepal was hit with the second wave of COVID-19, which affected comparatively many, and cases were on the rise. The government again restricted the major capitals with lockdown, but as all the tourist Trekking and Climbing permits were already issued so there were not many restrictions to international travelers.

2021 Spring was a successful season for travelers who dared. Bahrain Prince ( Mohammed Hamad Mohammed Al Khalifa )and his group, Famous singer Mike Posner and many well-known personalities successfully summited Everest Expedition, different 6000m+, Expeditions, and treks.

The government of Nepal (Council of Ministers) made certain COVID-19 updated protocols that one must follow to start any trip or expedition on 27th May 2021.

  1. All Nepali and Foreign nationals traveling into Nepal must have a medical report of RT-PCR negative report where attached photo identification and Barcode/QR code are mandatory. The report will be validated for 72 hours.
  2. Travelers must have evidence of a hotel booked in a hotel listed by the Ministry of Culture, Tourism & Civil Aviation and Nepal Tourism Board.
  3. Only travelers with specified documents can stay for home quarantine i.e 10 Days (a)Coming for emergency purposes like Funerals and Mourning with a recommendation letter by the concerned local levels. (b)Sick people and their carers, 75+ year senior citizens, children below 5years and their guardians, differently-abled people which must be certified by the hospital and a recommendation letter by the concerned local levels.
  4. Travelers must have a valid CCMC form with Barcode before entering and leaving the country.
  5. All the quarantined must examine through PCR Test on the 4th Day and 11th Day of their arrival.
  6. In case of breaking the protocols and found to be guilty he/she will be punished under the COVID-19 Crisis Management Ordinance-2021.
  7. Traveler must be insured with worth $5000 medical treatment.
  8. If he/she is infected during the journey, shall immediately be evacuated to hospital and stay isolated until the negative report.

These are the protocols to the tourist for traveling in Nepal. More additional updates can be made time to time upon requirement by the Department of Tourism. For more updates keep visiting Sherpa Himalaya official website.

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