Our Experts and Teams

Our Experts and Teams

Expert’s View

A warm welcome from Mingma Chhiri Sherpa, Travel Expert and Organizers at Sherpa Himalaya Treks and Expeditions (P) Ltd! Born on a Sherpa family at Solukhumbu region, I am not only a Sherpa who knows the Himalayas better, I am also a passionate human being who loves trekking and mountaineering. I have been involved in this service sector of tourism industry since 2001 AD and have been to almost all the trekking areas of Nepal. 15 Years of experience helped me know what trekkers and travelers want for real adventure. I have climbed, biked, rafted, trekked, hiked, flown, bussed, driven, eaten, and partied my way around every mountains and Himalayas of Nepal.

Well experienced and technically trained for peak climbing and expedition, I am a Sherpa who will guide you from the beginning of your travel plan to the departure where we will waive goodbye promising to meet again for another fun filled adventure. Sherpa owned and operated, Sherpa Himalaya Treks and Expeditions (P) Ltd excels because I am an expert of trekking and mountaineering as well as a real person with real travel dreams of my own. I’ve crafted a unique service line geared toward an intimate conversation between client, agent and destination. My ultimate goal is client satisfaction and safety ! Enjoy your time at Nepal.

Owner’s View

A warm welcome from Sherpa Himalaya Treks and Expeditions (P) Ltd! We are a committed, passionate group of travel professionals located at the fabulous town of Kathmandu. When you book your travel with us, you’ll come to see just how exceptional our client service is. Behind this web page you’ll find we are a small, diverse, and personalized travel agency avidly pursuing Himalayan travel since long time. We’ll give you our time, expertise, and friendly personal service like no other travel agency in Nepal today: we invite you to contact us for the proof!

We’ve built personal relationships over decades with local government, community, resorts, hotel chains, small hostelries, tourist coaches, and vehicles, honing our expertise to a refined point. We know every special place that shouldn’t be missed during your travel to Himalaya. We assist our clients with information about cultural sight, adventure sports, and other events, including booking last-minute plane tickets during the busy season.